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My article on Aiming without Aiming has been one of the most read articles on this site.Other Sports Snooker Thanks to this snooker coach, players can finally see. players with a straight line of aim.

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Learn How to Play Pool Billiards Snooker Lessons Tips Instruction picture looks too simple and not eye catching HOW TO AIM. The Best Pool Aim Systems:.

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How to stop missing certain angles in snooker June 25, 2013.Is there a style of play (e.g., using aim-and-pivot aiming systems) that can compensate for all of the effects of squirt, swerve.

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Finally line up your shot and aim to hit the sweet spot with the cue.

You can download or play Snooker Tips Line Of Aim with best mp3 quality online streaming on MP3 Download.Egde of the ball is the easiest place to aim at and the easiest angle to recognize.Top snooker players are able to keep a calm demeanor and sharp focus in addition to their spectacular aim.

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My responses might include: Are you asking me, personally, how I aim.

Where the line exits the object ball is the point of contact for the cue ball.Learn How to Play Pool Billiards Snooker Lessons Tips Instruction How to Aim.Today we will teach players how to properly implement this technique.The aiming point determined by this method does not include the effects.

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How To Play Snooker By the Rules:(A BEGINNERS GUIDE ). resources but by practicing the many tips they gather and. aim of the pool players is to sink all the.The Proper Stance A comfortable stance with perfect balance is what we must aim for. (Nothing less will do) The position of the feet is the most important aspect of.

How to use a GoPro, including advice on the best settings to use, interesting mounting options and more from our top filmers.

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Most world class pool and snooker players have every shot off in no more than 3.A complete guide for using the CueSight Laser Sighted Pool Cue.

Golf is a target game and just like any target-based game aiming is essential to your success in golf.


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When I first started out playing pool, and this was even before I started playing snooker, I was very bad at aiming so one thing I would do this try shoot cue ball.